Programme No. 590 22nd June 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Sunburst The Black Bull Fodens Band Darrol Barry QPRL221D
CD: 75 Not Out Jubilee Overture Fairey Band Philip Sparke 25238
CD: Larsson in Brass That’s the Spirit ISB Derick Kane Derick Kane 100160
CD: War of the Worlds The Red Machine Brighouse & Rastrick Peter Graham 25239
CD: The Art of Brass Tarot! Tortuous Tarot! Cory Andy Wareham 100158
CD: Pryor Engagement Oh Dry Those Tears Black Dyke Band Ian Bousfield Teresa del Riego 24776
CD: Masquerade Comedy Overture Fodens Band John Ireland 25239
CD: Epic Themes John Williams – Epic Themes Fodens Band John Williams 21215
CD: Sunburst Elegy Fodens Band Mark Wilkinson Darrol Barry QPRL221D
CD: Quest Fusion ISB Martin Cordner 25322

Programme No. 589 15th June 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Larsson in Brass Abundance ISB Marcus Venables 100160
CD: Overtures The Theivish Magpie Fodens Band Gioachino Rossini 22047
CD: Soloist Showcase Time to Say Goodbye Black Dyke Alex Kerwin and Jonathan Bates Francesco Satori 25200
CD: Omnium Gatherum Fanfare Romance & Finale BB of Central Florida Philip Sparke 25201
CD: Bolero Devil’s Dual Brighouse & Rastrick Philippe Schwartz Peter Meechan 100159
CD: Larsson in Brass Take Over Bid ISB Ray Steadman-Allen 100160
CD: 75 Not Out Japanese Slumber Song Fairey Band Gareth Wood 25238
CD: Celebration Cleopatra BT Band Peter Shaw Eugene Damare 24524
CD: The Art of Brass Gota Cory Band Peder Karlsson 100158
CD: Private SA Marche Militaire SA Band Camille Saint-Saens 000000

Programme No. 588 8th June 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Endeavour Endeavour ISB Martin Cordner 22192
CD: Festive Impressions Festive Impressions YBS Band Oliver Waespi 24722

CD: Blue Jeans Just Haven’t Met You Yet Virtuosi GUS Chris Jeans Michael Buble 25279
CD: Music of Hope and Thanksgiving Turris Fortissima New York Staff Band Steven Ponsford 21585
CD: Butterworth Royal Border Bridge Black Dyke Band Arthur Butterworth DOYCD130
CD: Corpus Christi Swingtime Religion Hendon SA Barrie Gott 21192
CD: Army Heritage Series Always Cheerful Rosehill SA Band Derek Smith and James Williams Albert Jakeway 21999
CD: Rococo Variations Variations on a Ninth/td>

Fodens Band Gilbert Vinter 21389
CD: Sanctuary Rockingham Boscombe SA Band Arthur Goldsmith 24945
CD: Endeavour Glory, Hallelujah! ISB Kevin Larsson 100159

Programme No. 587 1st June 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: We Meet Again The Hungarian March Fodens Hector Berlioz 25366
CD: The Art of Brass Captain from Castile Cory Band Alfred Newman 100158
CD: Diamonds Panache RAF Central Steven Mead Robin Dewhurst 25227
CD: Out of This World Breath of Souls Cory Band Paul Lovatt-Cooper 25202
CD: Bolero The Long Day Closes Broghouse & Rastrick Arthur Sullivan arr.Ball 100159
CD: Arabian Nights Wheel of Fortune Black Dyke Band Hans Zimmer 22125
CD: Classic Brass Pavane Grimethorpe Colliery Gabriel Faure 21937
CD: Quest The Day of The Lord ISB Steven Ponsford 25322
CD: Elemental On With The Motely Cory Band Steve Stewart Ruggiero Leoncavallo 22124
CD: Jubilee To A God Like This ISB John Larsson 21249

Programme No. 586 25th May 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Jubilee Jubilee ISB Paul Drury 21249
CD: Essential Dyke Vol. II Le Domino Noir Black Dyke Band Daniel Auber DOYCD081
CD: By Request Vilja Grimethorpe Kevin Crockford Franz Lehar 21681
CD: The Art of Brass With a Little Help from My Friends Cory Band Lennon and McCartney 100158
CD: Contrasts Dance Sequence Brett Baker Black Dyke Band Gareth Wood 100152
CD: Mellow Moments Ye Banks and Braes YBS Band Iwan Williams Adrian Drover 21341
CD: By Request Perpetuum Mobile Grimethorpe Band Johann Strauss II 21681
CD: Brass Band Classics II An Epic Symphony Cory Percy Fletcher 21188
CD: Fire in the Blood Flow Gently Sweet Afton ISB Paul Sharman 25251
CD: We Meet Again In Thee Is Joy Fodens Band JS Bach arr. Snell 25366
CD: Bolero Bolero Brighouse & Rastrick Maurice Ravel 100159

Programme No. 585 18th May 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Bolero The Entry of the King Brighouse & Rastrick Richard Wagner 100159
CD: Overtures Morning Noon and Night Fodens Band Franz von Suppe 22047
CD: Contrasts Serenade for Trombone Black Dyke Brett Baker John Golland 100152
CD: History of Brass Band Music (Golden Era) Life Divine Grimethorpe Cyril Jenkins 21234
CD: The Art of Brass Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Cory Lennon/McCartney 100158
CD: The Art of Brass The Girl With the Flaxen Hair Cory Tom Hutchinson Claude Debussy 100158
CD: Windows of the World Molly on the Shore YBS Band Percy Grainger QPRL213D
CD: Rococo Variations In Memorium RK Fodens Band Elgar Howarth 21389
CD: Music of a Legacy Colne Household Troops Thomas Rive 25371
CD: Bolero A Carmen Fantasy Brighouse & Rastrick Gordon Langford 100159

Programme No.584 11th May 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Music of a Legacy Crown of Conquest Household Troops Ray Steadman-Allen 25371
CD: The Art of Brass Pique Dame Cory Band Franz von Suppe 100158
CD: Generations Eternal Presence ISB John Cobb Ray Steadman-Allen 25373
CD: Bolero A Wartime Sketchbook Brighouse & Rastrick William Walton 100159
CD: Enless Praise El Es El Senor Kettering Citadel Dean Jones 24951
CD: Essential Dyke Vol. VIII That’ll Do Black Dyke Band John Doyle Randy Newman 24973
CD: History of Brass Band Music Golden Era A Moorside Suite Grimethorpe Colliery Band Gustav Holst 21234
CD: Brass Spectacular ISB 120 Fanfare, Prelude & Fugue on Sine Nomine SA Massed Bands Peter Graham 21664
CD: To Boldly Go All to Jesus Melbourne Staff Band Roger Trigg 25472
CD: We Meet Again Postcard from Mexico Fodens Band Howard Snell 25366

Programme No. 583 4th May 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Brass in Concert Cross of Honour Fodens William Rimmer 21166
CD: History of Brass Band Music Froissart Overture Grimethorpe Colliery Band Edward Elgar 24833
CD: Only for You Only For You Black Dyke Band Paul Duffy Paul Lovatt-Cooper 21634
CD: Origins Corpus Christi ISB Robert Redhead 24646
CD: Mountain Song Russian Sailor’s Dance Berner Oberland Reinhold Gliere DYCD025
CD: Music of a Legacy Home on the Range Household Troops Band David Taylor Erik Leidzen 25371
CD: Cathedral Brass Vol. 2 In a Monastery Garden Black Dyke Band Albert Ketelby 21620
CD: Of Gods and Kings King Arthur Fodens Band Benjamin Britten 22146
CD: Endeavour The Garden ISB Martin Cordner 22192
CD: Storytelling Baba Yaga & The Great Gate at Kiev Cory Band Modeste Mussorgsky 22174

Programme No. 582 27th April 2018


Image CD  Track Name  Artist  Product Code
CD: Celebration  Fountain City Brass Band  21566
CD: Fantastic Overtures  Black Dyke Band  24941
CD: Escape Velocity  Amsterdam Staff Band  25298
  CD: Brass in Concert  Foden’s Band  21166
CD: The Heaton Collection Vol. 3  ISB  21259
CD: An Easter Tale  Boscombe Band  100117
CD: Endeavour  ISB  22192
CD: Kaleidoscope  Enfield Citadel Band  24721
CD: Elemental  Cory band  22124
CD: Fantastic Overtures Vol 1  Black Dyke Band  24786

Programme No. 581 20th April 2018


Excelsior Erik Leidzen Household Troops Carl Saunders
CD: Following the Flag   25428

Poet and Peasant Franz von Suppe Fodens Russell Gray
CD: Overtures   22047

Lament Ronan Hardiman arr. Graham Boscombe SA Howard Evans solo: John Starkes and Trevor Smith CD: An Easter Tale   SPS412CD

Magee’s Patrol Philip Harper Polysteel Philip Harper
CD: The Incredible Polysteel Band   24948

Capriccio Roger Payne Eminence Brass
CD: Tribute   25019

Fireworks Elgar Howarth Cory Phlip Harper narrator: Morgan Jones
CD: Neglected Treasures   25491

Shepherd’s Hey Percy Grainger arr. Wright Grimethorpe Richard Evans
CD: Grimethorpe in Concert Vol. III   24781

Time and Eternity Ivor Bosanko Bellshill SA Yvonne Ferguson duet: Alex Ramsay and Chris Shanks CD: Immeasurable   100111

Guardian of My Soul Darren Shaw ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Quest   25322

On the Quarter Deck Kenneth Alford Grimethorpe Richard Evans
CD: Grimethorpe in Concert Vol. III   24781