Programme No. 602 21st September 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Faith Mountain Camp Enfield Citadel Band Donald Osgood 25381
The Art of Brass Pique Dame Cory Band Franz von Suppe 100158
Golden Slippers Memories International Staff Band David Daws John Allen 21129
Favourite Hymn Settings of the SA Martyn Regent Hall Band Wilfred Heaton SPS179CD
The Legend of King Arthur The Legend of King Arthur Fodens Band Peter Meechan 25271
Strangers in the Night Tiger Rag Brighouse & Rastrick Band Nick La Rocca
Fairey Band in Concert Freikugeln Polka Fairey Band Johann Strauss II 24779
From the Mountains to the Downs High Peak Black Dyke Mills Band Eric Ball 25341
All Glorious All You Need is Love New York Staff Band arr. Dorothy Gates 25477
Essential Dyke Vol. IV Marche Slave Black Dyke Band PI Tchaikovsky 21243

Programme No. 601 14th September 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Cory in Concert Vol. 4 The Spirit of Pageantry Cory Band Percy Fletcher 25363
Fantastic Overtures Vol. 2 Oberon Black Dyke Band Carl Maria von Weber 24941
By Request Vol. 2 Bolivar Grimethorpe Colliery Band Chris Gomersall Eric Cook 25402
Regionals 2015 Variations on Maccabeus ISB Kevin Norbury 25397
Vita Destructa Dick Tracy: The House of Shadows Brighouse & Rastrick David Thornton Richard Rock 25403
Cross Flourishes Secret Prayer Black Dyke & ISB Trombones Erik Leidzen arr,. Ian Jones 100351
A Life Worth Living Vol. II The Sweetest Name I Know Hendon SA Band James Anderson 25364
BB Classics Vol. III Lorenzo Cory Band Thomas Keighley 21262
Faith Jericho Enfield Citadel Band Andrew Justice, Ben Horton and Stuart Horton Roger Trigg 25381
Favourite Hymn Settings of the SA Mid All the Traffic Regent Hall Band Leonard Ballantine SPS179CD
By Request Vol. II Florentiner (Fantasy on Brassed Off!) Grimethorpe Colliery Band arr. Dan Price 25402

Programme No. 600 7th September 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Marches & Waltzes Radetsky Brighouse & Rastrick Johann Strauss II 24528
Centenary Nabucco Fodens Band Giuseppe Verdi 21913
Going Solo The Amazing Mr. Leidzen The Household Troops Band Carl Saunders Peter Graham 21322
BB Classics Vol. III The Judges of the Secret Court Cory Band Hector Berlioz 21262
Cross Flourishes Gone My Care Trombones of the ISB & Black Dyke Ray Steadman-Allen 100351
Hymns of Praise Abide With Me Leyland Band William Monk arr. Richards 24714
Contrasts Serenade for Trombone Black Dyke Band Brett Baker John Golland 100152
Essays for Brass Vol. II The Present Age YBS Band Leslie Condon QPRL09D
Masters of Space and Time Carmen Fantasy National Youth Brass Band of GB Jens Lindemann Frank Proto 24989
Cory in Concert Vol. I The Pines of Rome Cory Band Ottorino Respighi 21599

Programme No. 599 31st August 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Patrons’ Choice Vol. III Padstow Lifeboat Fodens Band Malcolm Arnold 21459
Black Dyke Plays Verdi Sicilian Vespers Black Dyke Band Giuseppe Verdi CD883
Cross Flourishes 12th Street Rag Black Dyke & ISB Trombones Euday Bowman 100351
History of BB Music (The Golden Era) Resurgam Grimethorpe Colliery Band Eric Ball 21234
Great British Tradition Carmen Fantasy Black Dyke Mills Band Gordon Langford
War of the Worlds Lady Stewart’s Air Brighouse & Rastrick Band Peter Graham 25239
Cross Flourishes Second Suite in F Black Dyke and ISB Trombones Gustav Holst 100351
Fire in the Blood Soul-Full ISB Richard Woodrow Paul Sharman 25251
For the World A Hymn to New England Household Troops Band John Williams SPS414CD
Year of the Dragon Midwest BBS Band JJ Richards 24519

Programme No. 598 24th August 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Europeans 2018 Temple 125 European Youth Band Kevin Larsson ebbc18-yoth-group
Black Dyke Plays Rossini La Cenerentola Black Dyke Mills Band Gioachino Rossini
War of the Worlds Follow the Flame Brighouse & Rastrick Band Lucy Murphy Peter Graham 25239
Fire in the Blood Life Ablaze International Staff Band Steven Ponsford 25251
Hymns of Praise Great is Thy Faithfulness Leyland Band/Manchester Chorale William Runyard arr. Richards 224714
For the World Nordic Polska Household Troops Band arr. Philip Harper SPS414CD
The Art of Brass Domen Cory Band Helen Williams Jan Magne Forde 100158
The History of BB Music (The Early Years) Labour and Love Grimethorpe Colliery Band Percy Fletcher 21339
ISB 120 St. Clements Massed SA BandS Andrew Blyth 21664
Patrons’ Choice Vol. 3 Polovtsian Dances Fodens Band Alexander Borodin 21459

Programme No. 597 17th August 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
For the World True North Household Troops Band Kevin Norbury SPS414CD
Great British Tradition West Country Fantasy Black Dyke Mills Band Gordon Langford
Contrasts Trombone Time Black Dyke Band Brett Baker Kenneth Downie 100152
The Art of Brass Mood Indigo Cory Band Duke Ellington 100158
The History of BB Music (The Modern Era) Jazz Grimethorpe Colliery Band Philip Wilby 24674
Larsson in Brass Spirit Breeze ISB John Larrson 100160
20 Supreme Years Russian Dance Eikanger Bjorsvik Band Aram Kachaturian 24719
Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope Enfield Citadel Band Nicolai Rimskey-Korsakov 24721
Cathedral Brass Vol. 2 In a Monastery Garden Black Dyke Band Albert Ketelby 21620

The Lighter Side of Elgar Howarth Pel Mel Cory Band W Hogarth Lear 24775

Programme No. 596 10th August 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Heritage Series Marches In The Firing Line ISB Bramwell Coles 25443
For The World For The World Household Troops Band Sam Creamer SPS414CD
Mosaic Giles Farnaby Suite Grimethorpe Colliery Band Elgar Howarth 25492
Great British Tradition Sally in Our Alley Black Dyke Mills Band Peter Christian Gordon Langford
For The World My Strength My Tower Household Troops Dean Goffin SPS414CD
For The World Napoli Household Troops Hermann Bellstedt SPS414CD
Regionals 2018 World Tour Black Dyke Band Rodney Newton 22187
Storytelling The Battle of Athens Cory Band Philip Harper 22174
By Arrangement November Moods Leyland Band Brenden Wheeler Darrol Barry 24773
For The World Gaelforce Household Troops Band Peter Graham SPS414CD

Programme No. 595 3rd August 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Grimethorpe in Concert Vol.III On The Quarter Deck Grimethorpe Colliery Kenneth Alford 24781
Centenary Zampa Fodens Motor Works Band Ferdinand Herold 21913
Pressing Onward Carrickfergus New York Staff Band Ryan McCrudden Stephen Roberts 25212
Europeans 2018 The Turing Test Valaisia Brass Band Simon Dobson ebbc18-youth-group
Europeans 2018 The Long Way Home Youth Brass 2000 Paul McGhee ebbc18-youth-group
Going Solo The Amazing Mr. Leidzen Household Troops Carl Saunders Peter Graham 21322
The History of BB Music (The Golden Era) Spectrum Grimethorpe Colliery Gilbert Vinter 21234
Eternal Brass Farandole Enfield Citadel Band Georges Bizet 21930
By Request Misty Grimethorpe Colliery Scott Bennett Errol Garner 21681
An Italian Night Capriccio Italian Cory Band PL Tchaikovsky 24773

Programme No. 594 27th July 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Larsson in Brass It’s New! ISB Ray Steadman-Allen 100160
Come Follow The Band The Arcadians BNFL Band Lionel Monckton 24516
Life Abundant Wondrous Day Cory Band Philip Cobb Erik Leidzen 24868
Of Gods and Kings Le Roi d’Ys Fodens Band Edouard Lalo 22146
Classically Enfield Sound an Alarm Enfield Citadel Dudley Bright GF Handel 21382
The Jolly Salvationist Moses Get Down Household Troops Barrie Gott 25031
Patrons Choice X The Clock with the Dresden Figures Fodens Band Percussion Feature Albert Ketelby 22169
Europeans 2018 Time For Outrage! Cory Band Marco Putz ebbc18-youth-group
The Lighter Side of Maurice Murphy The Sunshine of Your Smile BNFL Band Maurice Murphy Lillian Ray 24505
By Arrangement Mini Fantasia on a London Theme Leyland Band Robert Collinson 24773

Programme No. 593 20th July 2018

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
CD: Europeans 2018 Fanfare and Flourishes Wardle Academy Youth James Curnow ebbc18-youth-group
CD: Endeavour To Boldly Go ISB Peter Graham 22192
CD: Contrasts Dance Sequence Black Dyke Brett Baker Gareth Wood 100152
CD: Emblem of the Army The Greatest of These Chalk Farm SA Dudley Bright 24568
CD: Europeans 2018 Chaucer’s Tunes Youth Brass 2000 Michael Ball ebbc18-youth-group
CD: Larsson in Brass Wonders Begin When The Lord Comes In ISB Trombone Feature Ray Steadman-Allen 100160
CD: Europeans 2018 Time for Outrage! Cory Band Marco Putz/McGhee ebbc18-champst-group
CD: Call of the Cossacks The Whistler Black Dyke Band Paul Judge Peter Graham 21165
CD: Come Follow the Band Cheek to Cheek BNFL Band Irving Berlin/Fernie 24516
CD: Cory in Concert Vol. V Salsation! Cory Band David Shires/Harper 25426