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Programme No. 646 19th July 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Omnium Gatherum Ravenswood BB of Central Florida William Rimmer 25201
From the Mountains to the Downs La Forza del Destino CWS (Manchester) Band Guiseppe Verdi 25341
Moto Perpetuo Finale Giocoso Cory Band David Childs Vladimir Cosma 25073
Heritage Tydfil Overture Cory Band Joseph Parry 22034
Flyin’ to the Skies Arrideverci Roma Black Dyke Band Trombone Feature Renato Rescal 25177
Vitae Lux Two English Folk Songs YBS Band Vocals: Catherine James arr. Watson 21832
Great and Glorious Daniel Household Troops Band Barrie Gott 21256
Jewels in the Crown The Mountains of Mourne Black Dyke Mills Band John Clough Roy Newsome 24670
Endless Praise Glorifico Aeternum Kettering Citadel Band Dean Jones 24951
Best by Farr Vol. 2 Colonel Bogey Eikanger Bjorsvik Band Alford/ Arnold arr. Farr 21734

Programme No. 645 12th July 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Endeavour Endeavour International Staff Band Martin Cordner 22192
Fantastic Overtures Vol. 3 Banditenstreiche Black Dyke Band Franz von Suppe 24998
Concert Classics Elegy Fodens Band Gilbert Vinter 24720
Masters of Space and Time Horn Concerto No. 2 National Youth Brass Band Ian Bousfield WA Mozart 24989
The Promised Land The Promised Land Cory Band Kenneth Downie
Heaton Victory for Me Eikanger Bjorsvik Wilfred Heaton 21951
Screen Blockbusters Rocky IV: War Black Dyke Band Vince di Cola 25023
BB Classics III Tournament for Brass Cory Band Eric Ball 21263
Going Solo My Song of Songs Household Troops Band Carl Saunders John C. Hallett 21322
The Jolly Salvationist Swingtime Religion Household Troops Band Barrie Gott 25031

Programme No. 644 5th July 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
The Age of Chivalry T5he Wizard Leyland Band George Allen 21598
Escape Velocity Jubilee Overture Amsterdam Staff Band Philip Sparke 25298
Jewels Finale from Concerto No. 1 Eminence Brass Owen Farr Joseph Haydn DOY296CD
From the Mountains to the Downs Un Vie de Matelot Black Dyke Mills Band Robert Farnon 25341
Song of the Eternal Highland Cathedral Govan Citadel Band Dougie Pincock arr. Alan Ramsay
Omnium Gatherum Excerpt from Music of the Spheres BB of Central Florida Philip Sparke 25201
Voice of the Tenor Horn Variations on Twinkle Twinkle YBS Band Shoena White WA Mozart 21964
Rimmer Selection from Carmen Fodens Band Georges Bizet arr. Rimmer 21815
Hymns of Praise Great is Thy Faithfulness Leyland Band Manchester Chorale arr. Goff Richards 24714
Mission in Brass Harlem Rag March Brighouse & Rastrick Band Tom Turpin 22071

Programme No. 643 28th June 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Pressing Onward War Cry New York Staff Band Dorothy Gates 25212
Musicals Vol. 2 The World’s Greatest Storyteller Household Troops Band Philip Harper SPS426CD
Orb and Sceptre On With the Motely Rothwell Temperance Band Jon Hammond Ruggiero Leoncavallo 22196
The Age of Chivalry The Sorceror’s Apprentice Leyland Band Paul Dukas arr Bourgeois 21598
Musicals Vol. 1 Jesus Christ Superstar Household Troops Band Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Gott 22122
By Arrangement Hora Staccato Leyland Band arr. Goff Richards 24773
Cory in Concert II Brasilia Cory Band Chris Thomas Robin Dewhurst 21738
Genesis Genesis Black Dyke Band Martin Ellerby 25483
Soprano Legends Trumpet Voluntary Leyland Band Alan Wycherley Jeremiah Clarke 25204
Cory in Concert II America and Somewhere Cory Band Leonard Bernstein 21738

Programme No. 641 21st June 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Song of the Eternal Rousseau Govan Citadel Band Ray Ogg
An Italian Night Norma Cory Band Vincenzi Bellini 21314
Just for Fun Swing Low Black Dyke Band Adrian Hirst arr. Alan Fernie 22139
Pressing Onward The Hope of Glory New York Staff Band Kenneth Downie 25212
Strangers in the Night La Cucuracha Brighouse & Rastrick Band Michael Howley arr. Darrol Barry OBR929CD
Hymns of Praise Breath on Me Breath of God Leyland Band Manchester Chorale arr. Goff Richards 24714
Masquerade Comedy Overture Fodens Band John Ireland 25239
Marches and Waltzes Gold and Silver Brighouse & Rastrick Band Franz Lehar 24528
Corpus Christi Swingtime Religion Hendon SA Band Barrie Gott 21192
Patrons’ Choice VI Masque Fodens Band Kenneth Hesketh 25288

Programme No. 640 14th June 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Marches and Waltzes Old Comrades Brighouse & Rastrick Band Carl Teike 24528
Fantastic Overtures Vol. 2 Marco Spada Black Dyke Band Daniel Auber 24941
By Request Vilja Grimethorpe Colliery Band Kevin Crockford Franz Lehar 21681
Out of This Workld Breath of Souls Cory Band Paul Lovatt-Cooper 25202
Soloist Showcase That’ll Do Black Dyke Band Zoe Lovatt-Cooper Randy Newman 25200
Vita Destructa Camino Real Brighouse & Rastrick Band Alfredn Reed 25403
Patrons’ Choice VII Starlight Fodens Band Peter Meechan 25359
Vitae Lux Shine as the Light YBS Band Peter Graham 21832
Hymns Gresford Grimethorpe Colliery Band Robert Saint 24947
75 Not Out The Australasian Fairey Band William Rimmer 25238

Programme No. 639 7th June 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Escape Velocity The Cantonian Amsterdam Staff Band Ian Clarke 25298
Storytelling Candide Cory Band Leonard Bernstein 22174
Milestone Variations for Trumpet Fodens Band Mark Wilkinson Mikhail Gottlieb 25296
In Tribute Paganini Variations Black Dyke Band Philip Wilby 25323
Stratos With Quiet Courage Flowers Band arr. Jonathan Bates 25427
The Way We Were Citizen Kane Cory Band Bernard Hermann 25207
Masquerade The Power of the Soul Fodens Band Maurice Hamers 25239
Pressing Onward Blessings New York Staff Band Gordon Ward David Catherwood 25212
The Lighter Side of Elgar Howarth Zurich March Cory Band W. Hogarth Lear 24775
Vitae Lux Vitae Lux YBS Band arr. Aagaard-Nilsen 21832

Programme No. 638 31st May 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
World Class Marches of the SA To Regions Fair Black Dyke Band Norman Bearcroft 25061

Epic Themes A Phantom Menace Suite Fodens Band John Williams arr. Duncan 21218
Pryor Engagement Love’s Enchantment Black Dyke Band Ian Bousfield Arthur Pryor 24776
Best By Farr Vol. 2 Finale from Symphony No. 1 Eikanger Bjorsvik Band Gustav Mahler arr. Farr 21734
Cory in Concert Vol. V Salsation Cory Band David Shire arr. Harper 25426
American Landscapes American Trilogy Sellers International Band arr. Goff Richards 21219
Origins The Eternal Presence International Staff Band Eric Ball 24646
Promenade Bonnets of Dundee Grimethorpe Colliery Band arr. Elgar Howarth 21182
Music of a Legacy Colne Household Troops arr. Thomas Rive 25371
The Lighter Side of Elgar Howarth Cops and Robbers Cory Band W Hogarth Lear 24775

Programme No. 637 24th May 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Celebration Celebration Croydon Citadel Band Leslie Condon 22024
Blessing and Honour The Call ofn the Righteous Norwich Citadel Band Leslie Condon 21467
Army Heritage Vol, 1 Wondrous Day International Staff Band (1957) Roland Cobb Erik Leidzen 21119
Legacy Odyssey International Staff Band Kevin Norbury 21596
Song of Courage Jericho Re-visited Household Troops Band Narrator: William Himes William Himes 21548
Supremacy When I Survey International Staff Band Olaf Ritman 24838
Blazon Moses Get Down International Staff Band Barrie Gott SPS091CD
Enfiekld Connections Turris Fortissima Enfield Citadel Band Steven Ponsford 21623
Musicals Vol. 2 I Will Follow Him Household Troops arr. Goff Richards SPS426CD
Blazing Brass Excerpt from Swan Lake New York Staff Band PI Tchaikovsky TRCD1067

Programme No. 636 17th May 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Marches and Waltzes BB & CF Brighouse & Rastrick Band James Ord Hume 24528
Overtures Morning Noon and Night Fodens Band Franz von Suppe 22047
Storytelling A Little Prayer Cory Band Steve Kane Evelyn Glennie arr. Childs 22174
hrough the Flames The Final Voyage Black Dyke Band Paul Lovatt-Cooper 22175
Patrons’ Choice IV Hejre Kati Fodens Band Mark Wilkinson Jeno Hubay 21595
The Music of Roy Newsome There is a Green Hill Far Away Sun Life Stanshawe Band Noah Bruce arr. Newsome OBRCD856
Black Dyke Gold V Trumpets Wild Black Dyke Band Harold Walters 22134
Enfiekld Connections Variations on Laudate Dominum Enfield Citadel Band Edward Gregson 21623
Best of Fine Arts Tiger Rag Fine Arts Brass Ensemble Nick La Rocca arr. Roberts DOYCD010
Musicals Vol. II Call of the Gospel Household Troops Band Martin Cordner SPS426CD