Programme No. 555 13th October 2017


The Red Shield Henry Goffin Black Dyke N Childs CD: World Famous Marches of the SA 25022

Overture to The Cowboys John Williams Fodens Thomas Wyss CD: Epic Themes 21218

Hail Ancient Walls Charles Gounod Fodens Michael Fowles solo: Glyn Williams CD: Platinum Collection 25418

Malcolm Arnold Variations Martin Ellerby Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs CD: Genesis 25483

Padstow Lifeboat Malcolm Arnold Fodens Michael Fowles CD Patrons Choice 3 21459

Suo Gan arr P Graham Cory Dr. Robert Childs solo: Chris Thomas CD: The Torchbearer 21440

The British Grenadiers Gordon Langford Sellers Alan Morrison CD: Land of Hope and Glory 21791

Quest Paul Sharman ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb CD: Quest 25322

The Blue Bird CV Stanford Amsterdam Staff Howard Evans CD: The Rising of the Son 22040

Lord of the Dance Philip Wilby Fairey Bryan Hurdley CD: Jazz 21793

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