Programme No. 572 9th February 2018


Home of Legends Paul Lovatt-Cooper Cory Dr. Robert Childs
CD = Cory in Concert Vol 2   21738

Into the Deep Ray Steadman-Allen ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Endeavour   22192

An Untold Story Paul Lovatt-Cooper Cory Dr. Robert Childs solo: Owen Farr
CD: Untolod Stories   24834

Un Vie de Matelot Robert Farnon Black Dyke Mills Maj. Peter Parkes
CD: From the Mountains to the Downs   25341

Cartoon Music Peter Graham Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs
CD = Call of the Cossacks   21165

St. Norbert Chorale Bramwell Tovey Fodens Bramwell Tovey
CD = Maestro   25030

Mangernetisk Martin Winter Manger Musikklag Martin Winter
CD: Mangernetisk!   25350

Glorifico Aeternum Dean Jones Kettering Citadel Richard Phillips
CD: Endless Praise   24951

Demelza Goff Richards Grimethorpe James Gourlay solo: Kevin Crockford
CD: Grimethorpe in Concert Vol. IV   25069

Russian Dance Aram Katchaturian Eikianger Bjorsvik Howard Snell
CD: Twenty Supreme Years  

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