Programme No. 646 19th July 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Omnium Gatherum Ravenswood BB of Central Florida William Rimmer 25201
From the Mountains to the Downs La Forza del Destino CWS (Manchester) Band Guiseppe Verdi 25341
Moto Perpetuo Finale Giocoso Cory Band David Childs Vladimir Cosma 25073
Heritage Tydfil Overture Cory Band Joseph Parry 22034
Flyin’ to the Skies Arrideverci Roma Black Dyke Band Trombone Feature Renato Rescal 25177
Vitae Lux Two English Folk Songs YBS Band Vocals: Catherine James arr. Watson 21832
Great and Glorious Daniel Household Troops Band Barrie Gott 21256
Jewels in the Crown The Mountains of Mourne Black Dyke Mills Band John Clough Roy Newsome 24670
Endless Praise Glorifico Aeternum Kettering Citadel Band Dean Jones 24951
Best by Farr Vol. 2 Colonel Bogey Eikanger Bjorsvik Band Alford/ Arnold arr. Farr 21734

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