Programme No. 689 15th May 2020

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Music of a Legacy Crown of Conquest The Household Troops Band Ray Steadman-Allen 25371
Grimethorpe in Concert Vol. II Il Seraglio Grimethorpe Colliery Band WA Mozart 21260
We Meet Again 18th Variation Fodens Band Richard Poole Segei Rachmaninoff 25366
The Promised Land The Promised Land The Cory Band Kenneth Downie 24827
The Adventurers Everlasting Hope The International Band Paul Sharman 25490
Best Sellers Slaughter on 10th Avenue Ellers International Band Richard Rodgers arr. Smith 21807
Dreaming of the Masters Who Wants to Live Forever Fodens Band Jens Lindemann Freddie Mercury 21635
Origins The Eternal Presence The International Staff Band Eric Ball 24646
Ceaseless Service Bravura The New York Staff Band Aaron VanderWeele Peter Graham 24915
Patrons’ Choice V Finale from Symphony No. 7 The Fodens Band Luwig van Beethoven arr. Snell 21736

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