Programme No. 569 19th January 2018


Departed Heroes Bramwell Coles ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Heritage Series Marches from a Golden Era   25443

Peter Schmoll Carl Maria von Weber Black Dyke Dr. Nicholas Childs
CD: Fantastic Overtures Vol. 4   21619

Clear Skies Eric Ball Enfield Citadel James Williams solo: Keith Hutchinson CD: Kaleidoscope   24721

Judges of the Secret Court Hector Berlioz Black Dyke Mills (1961) Maj. George Wilcocks CD: Jewels in the Crown   24670

Oh Dry Those Tears Teresa Del Riego Black Dyke Dr. Nicholas Childs solo: Ian Bousfield CD: Pryor Engagement   24776

A Fistful of Dollars Ennio Morricone Grimethorpe Brian Grant
CD: By Request   21681

Variations on an Enigma Philip Sparke Eikanger Bjorsvik Howard Snell
CD: The Vikings   24521

Rule Britannia John Hartmann solo: James McCabe piano: Thomas Guest
CD: Blessings  

Ask! Peter Graham Household Troops Maj. John Mott
CD: The Sound of Britain   22017

Masque Kenneth Hesketh Fodens Michael Fowles
CD: Patron’s Choice VI   25238

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