Programme No. 543 21st July 2017

Ceaseless Service Stanley Ditmar NY Staff Ronald Waiksnoris
CD: Ceaseless Service 24915

La Cenerentola Gioacchino Rossini Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs
CD: Fantastic Overtures 24786

Conchita Eric Ball Grimethorpe Elgar Howarth solo: Richard Marshall
CD: Eric Ball: The Undaunted 21980

Life Divine Cyril Jenkins Cory Dr. Robert Childs
CD: BB Classics Vol. III 21262

Let There Be Peace Barrie Gott ISB Maj. Robert Redhead
CD: Blazon

Visions of Kolkhis Tom Davoren European Youth Raf van Looveren
CD: Europeans 2017 22177

Break Out Marcus Venables Melbourne Staff Band Ken Waterworth duet: Jamie Smith – Craig Downes CD: To Boldly Go 25472

Renaissance Peter Graham Chalk Farm Michael Clack
CD: Emblem of the Army 24568

Wondrous Day Erik Leidzen ISB Bernard Adams solo: Roland Cobb
CD: Generations 25373

Flashlight Jan van der Roost European Youth Raf van Looveren
CD: Europeans 2017 22177

One thought on “Programme No. 543 21st July 2017”

  1. Terrific program. I was becoming concerned when the program was off line.
    My World of Brass shirt has facilitated opportunities to evangelize World of Brass Radio/ In public I am usually in Salvation Army uniform or wearing a World of Brass shirt. I use both to evangelize Salvation Army brass or contest banding. My goal is to encourage people to attend the Tustin Ranch Corps while exposing people to the World of Brass sites, or World of Brass sites to expose people to the Tustin Ranch Corps. I use Facebook to reinforce World of Brass, contesting and Salvation Army banding to new friends.
    I was shopping and a fellow started to read out loud the logo “World of Brass” on my shirt. After chatting a bit about his brass/musical interests, I wrote both web sites on a card and handed it to him. Evangelistic encounters due to my uniform or World of Brass shirt are frequent.

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