Programme No. 549 1st September 2017


Mountain Camp Donald Osgood Enfield Citadel Jonathan Corry
CD: Faith 25381

Life Ablaze Steven Ponsford ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Fire in the Blood 25251

Love of My Life Freddie Mercury Grimethorpe Alan Withington solo: Robert Richardson CD: National Championships 2008 25007

Coventry Variations Bramwell Tovey Fodens Bramwell Tovey
CD: Maestro 25030

Les Zephyrs William Rimmer Fodens Elgar Howarth solo: Mark Wilkinson
CD: Rimmer 21815

Capriccio Roger Payne Eminence Brass
CD: Tribute 25019

Joshua Swings the Battle Dan Marvin Household Troops Maj. John Mott solo: Daniel Robson CD: The Jolly Salvationist 25031

Kaleidoscope Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov Enfield Citadel James Williams
CD: Kaleidoscope 24721

Lights on the Tyne Simon Oliver Manger Musiklagg Allan Withington solo: Joseph Cook CD: Debut 2 22184

America and Somewhere Leonard Bernstein Cory Dr. Robert Childs
CD: Cory in Concert II 21738

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