Programme No. 551 15th September 2017


  Salome William Rimmer Fodens Elgar Howarth CD: Rimmer 21815

Der Zigeurnerbaron J Strauss II Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs CD: Fantastic Overtures 24998

Maids of Cadiz Leo Delibes Black Dyke Mills Maj. Peter Parkes solo: Phillip McCann CD: World’s Most Beautiful Melodies

 An American in Paris George Gershwin Rothwell Temperance David Roberts CD: Orb & Sceptre 22196

 Variations on an Hungarian Children’s Song Manger Musiklagg Allan Withington solo: Joseph Cook CD: Debut 2 22184

 Elegy (A Tale as Yet Untold) Philip Sparke Brighouse Prof. David King CD: Vita Destructa 25403

 The Crusade of Youth Philip Catelinet ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb CD: Heritage Series Vol. 2 25072

 Slavische Fantasie Carl Hohne Fairey Simon Stonehouse solo: Stephen Wilkinson CD: Fairey Band in Concert 24779

 The Bonnie Briar Bush arr. Howarth Grimethorpe Elgar Howarth CD: Promenade 21182

 The Black Bear Christoph Walter Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs CD: Another Encore 22197

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