Programme No. 558 3rd November 2017


Endeavour Martin Cordner ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb CD: Endeavour 22192

Giles Farnaby Suite arr. Elgar Howarth Grimethorpe Elgar Howarth CD: Mosaic 25492

Sally in Our Ally Gordon Langford Black Dyke Mills Trevor Walmsley solo: Peter Christian CD: Great British Tradition Candos 4524

World Tour Rodney Newton Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs CD: Regionals 2018 22187

The Battle of Athens Philip Harper Cory Philip Harper CD: Storytelling 22174

Rameau Revisited JP Rameau arr. Peter Graham Brighouse Prof. David King
CD: War of the Worlds 25239

White-Knuckle Ride Philip Wilby Fairey Bryan Hurdley solo: Brett Baker
CD: Jazz 21793

Malaguena arr. Mark Freeh Cory Philip Harper CD: Elemental 22124

Endless Praise William Himes Kettering Citadel Richard Phillips CD: Endless Praise 24951

St. Clement CC Schofield ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb solo: David Daws CD: Golden Slippers 21129

Softly Softly arr. Ray Farr Cory Dr. Robert Childs CD: Day of the Dragon 21304

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