Programme No. 568 12th January 2018


Salvation Army Special!

Praise Wilfred Heaton ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb CD:The Heaton Collection 21163

The Magic Flute WA Mozart Enfield Citadel Jonathan Corry CD: Classically Enfield 21382

Always Cheerful Albert Jakeway Rosehill Albert Jakeway duet: Derek Smith & James Williams CD: In The Firing Line 21999

Turris Fortissima Steven Ponsford NY Staff Ron Waiksnoris
CD: Music of Hope and Thanksgiving 21585

Rockingham Arthur Goldsmith Boscombe SA Howard Evans
CD: Sanctuary 24945

Wondrous Day Erik Leidzen Cory Dr. Stephen Cobb solo: Philip Cobb
CD: Life Abundant 24868

Swingtime Religion Barrie Gott Hendon Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Corpus Christi 21192

St. Magnus Kenneth Downie ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: St. Magnus 24730

The Amazing Mr. Leidzen Peter Graham Household Troops Maj. John Mott solo: Carl Saunders CD: Going Solo 21322

Montreal Citadel Norman Audoire Household Troops Maj. John Mott
CD: Blue Book Favourites 24840

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