Programme No. 570 26th January 2018


Gallipoli 100 Martin Ellerby Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs
CD: Black Dyke Gold Vol. V   22134

Jericho Re-visited William Himes Household Troops Maj. John Mott
CD = Song of Courage   21548

Songs in the Heart Erik Leidzen ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb solo: Philip Cobb
CD: Songs from the Heart   25261

Freedom Hubert Bath Cory Phlip Harper
CD: Storytelling   22174

Bass in the Ballroom Roy Newsome Grimethorpe Dr. Robert Childs solo: Shaun Crowther CD: By Request   25402

Slaughter on 10th Avenue Richard Rodgers BNFL Richard Evans
CD: Come Follow the Band   24516

James Cook Circumnavigator Gilbert Vinter GUS (Footwear) Stanley Boddington
CD: From the Mountains to the Downs   25341

Bird;and Joe Zawinul Fairey James Gourlay trumpet: Neil Smith
CD: Diamond Jubilee   21784

Bonnie Mary of Argyle arr. James MCabe Rothwell Temperance David Roberts solo: James McCabe CD: Blessings

March Celebration Leslie Condon NYBBGB Bramwell Tovey
CD: Masters of Space and Time   24989

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