Programme No. 572 9th February 2018


Home of Legends Paul Lovatt-Cooper Cory Dr. Robert Childs
CD = Cory in Concert Vol 2   21738

Into the Deep Ray Steadman-Allen ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Endeavour   22192

An Untold Story Paul Lovatt-Cooper Cory Dr. Robert Childs solo: Owen Farr
CD: Untolod Stories   24834

Un Vie de Matelot Robert Farnon Black Dyke Mills Maj. Peter Parkes
CD: From the Mountains to the Downs   25341

Cartoon Music Peter Graham Black Dyke Prof. Nicholas Childs
CD = Call of the Cossacks   21165

St. Norbert Chorale Bramwell Tovey Fodens Bramwell Tovey
CD = Maestro   25030

Mangernetisk Martin Winter Manger Musikklag Martin Winter
CD: Mangernetisk!   25350

Glorifico Aeternum Dean Jones Kettering Citadel Richard Phillips
CD: Endless Praise   24951

Demelza Goff Richards Grimethorpe James Gourlay solo: Kevin Crockford
CD: Grimethorpe in Concert Vol. IV   25069

Russian Dance Aram Katchaturian Eikianger Bjorsvik Howard Snell
CD: Twenty Supreme Years  

One thought on “Programme No. 572 9th February 2018”

  1. Hi there. I have resound World of Brass Radio after having lost you for quite some time through moving and having computer problems. It is great to listen to the music while working on the computer.

    Thanks. Brian R Jameson

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