Programme No. 574 23rd February 2018


The Defenders Ray Cresswell Boscombe SA Howard Evans
CD: Joy Through the Age   21597

The Arcadians Lionel Monckton BNFL Richard Evans
CD: Come Follow the Band   24516

Concertino Erik Leidzen Grimethorpe Elgar Howarth solo: Dudley Bright
CD: History of BB Music (SA Connection)   21261

A Downland Suite John Ireland CWS (Manchester) (1968) Alex Mortimer
CD: From the Mountains to the Downs   25341

Here There and Everywhere Lennon & McCartney Brighouse Gavin Lindsay
CD: Our Town   24847

Festival March Agape Dorothy Gates NY Staff
CD: All Glorious   25477

Lincoln Portrait Aaron Copland Sellers Int. Phillip McCann
CD: American Landscapes   21219

Melody inn Ab Johannes Brahms Norwich Citadel Ron Young
CD:Laudate   21158

Deliverance Philip Catelinet Chalk Farm (1934} AW Punchard DUET: Horace Fitzjohn/Victor Hanscombe CD: Army Heritage Vol. 1   21119

To Boldly Go Peter Graham ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb
CD: Endeavour   22192

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