Programme No. 576 9th March 2018


Motivation William Himes Bellshill SA Yvonne Ferguson
CD: Immeasurable   100111

Morning Noon and Night in Vienna Franz von Suppe Fodens Russell Gray
CD: Overtures   22047

Memories John Allen ISB Dr. Stephen Cobb solo: David Daws
CD: Golden Slippers   21129

Estudiantina Emile Waldteufel Grimethorpe Elgar Howarth
CD: History of the BB Music The Early Years   21339

Renaissance Peter Graham Chalk Farm Michael Clack
CD: Emblem of the Army   24568

Heartbeat Len Ballantine Norwich Citadel Richard Woodrow
CD: Blessing and Honour   21467

Mary of Argyle George Hawkins St. Hilda’s Professional James Oliver solo: Jack Mackintosh CD: Vintage Gems 

Four Spanish Impressions Rodney Newton Fairey James Gourlay
CD: Spanish Impressions  

Swedish Hymn Peter Graham New York Staff Ron Waiksnoris solo: Gordon Ward CD: God and Country 

Call of the Gospel Martin CordnerBellshill SA Yvonne Ferguson
CD: Immeasurable   100111

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