Programme No. 643 28th June 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Pressing Onward War Cry New York Staff Band Dorothy Gates 25212
Musicals Vol. 2 The World’s Greatest Storyteller Household Troops Band Philip Harper SPS426CD
Orb and Sceptre On With the Motely Rothwell Temperance Band Jon Hammond Ruggiero Leoncavallo 22196
The Age of Chivalry The Sorceror’s Apprentice Leyland Band Paul Dukas arr Bourgeois 21598
Musicals Vol. 1 Jesus Christ Superstar Household Troops Band Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Gott 22122
By Arrangement Hora Staccato Leyland Band arr. Goff Richards 24773
Cory in Concert II Brasilia Cory Band Chris Thomas Robin Dewhurst 21738
Genesis Genesis Black Dyke Band Martin Ellerby 25483
Soprano Legends Trumpet Voluntary Leyland Band Alan Wycherley Jeremiah Clarke 25204
Cory in Concert II America and Somewhere Cory Band Leonard Bernstein 21738

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