Programme No. 644 5th July 2019

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
The Age of Chivalry T5he Wizard Leyland Band George Allen 21598
Escape Velocity Jubilee Overture Amsterdam Staff Band Philip Sparke 25298
Jewels Finale from Concerto No. 1 Eminence Brass Owen Farr Joseph Haydn DOY296CD
From the Mountains to the Downs Un Vie de Matelot Black Dyke Mills Band Robert Farnon 25341
Song of the Eternal Highland Cathedral Govan Citadel Band Dougie Pincock arr. Alan Ramsay
Omnium Gatherum Excerpt from Music of the Spheres BB of Central Florida Philip Sparke 25201
Voice of the Tenor Horn Variations on Twinkle Twinkle YBS Band Shoena White WA Mozart 21964
Rimmer Selection from Carmen Fodens Band Georges Bizet arr. Rimmer 21815
Hymns of Praise Great is Thy Faithfulness Leyland Band Manchester Chorale arr. Goff Richards 24714
Mission in Brass Harlem Rag March Brighouse & Rastrick Band Tom Turpin 22071

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