Programme No. 698 17th July 2020

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Heritage Series Vol. 2 Star Lake The International Staff Band Eric Ball 25072

Spectacular Classics Vol. 6 Bacchanale Black Dyke Band Camille Saint-Saens 24057
Kaleidoscope Clear Skies Enfield Citadel Band Keith Hutchinson Eric Ball 24721
Land of Hope and Glory TheBritish Grenadiers Sellers International Band Gordon Langford 21791
Peter Graham Collection Ad Optimum The International Staff Band Peter Graham 21419
Following the Flag The Song of the Brother The Household Troops Band David Taylor Erik Leidzen 25428
By Arrangement Hora Staccato The Leyland Band Goff Richards 24773
The Adventurers Prelude on Lavenham The International Staff Band Geoffrey Nobes 25490
Rimmer Les Zephyrs The Fodens Band Mark Wilkinson William Rimmer 21815
The Rising of The Son Finale From the New World The Household Troops Band Antonin Dvorak arm Steadman-Allen 22040

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