Programme No. 701 7th August 2020

Image CD Track Name Artist Soloist Composer Product Code
Golden Jubilee Ballycastle Bay The Williams Fairey Band Edrich Siebert Gracc 17
Sea Pictures Cuban Overture The Fodens Band George Gershwin arr. Sparke 21477
Enfield Connections Knowing My Feelings Enfield Citadel Band Andrew Justice Andrew Mackerreth 21623
Sanctuary Vol. II My Treasure The Boscombe SA Band Wilfred Heaton 25479
Regionals 2012 Mountain Views The Black Dyke Band Bertrand Moren 21710
Eternal Brass Victorious Enfield Citadel David Daws Dean Goffin 21930
20 Supreme Years Adagio Eikanger Bjorsvik Band Ludwig van Beethoven arr. Snell 24719
Neglected Treasures Fireworks The Cory Band Narrator: Morgan Jones Elgar Howarth 25491
Marches & Waltzes Sleeping Beauty Waltz The Brighouse & Rastrick Band Pytor I Tchaikovsky 24528
Eternal Brass Shine Down The Enfield Citadel Band Andrew Mackerreth 21930

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